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We are a small team of professionals ready to help you build web, mobile and desktop apps.
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Leave your technical problems for us and focus on your business.

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    Technical analysis

    First we will consult πŸ’¬ you about all technical challenges that can appear. You need to know all advantages and disadvantages before spending any money πŸ’Έ for development. We will prepare optimal strategy plan for you. 🧐

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    App development process

    We will work together 🀝 with you as one team. We ❀️ agile development process. Small iterations, constant progress, frequent communication with you is our approach to build a great product! 🎁

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    Maintenance and support

    When main coding work πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸ’» is finished, we are not going to leave you on ice with buggy software. We will be willing to help πŸ†˜ you to fix or add new features on your demand. πŸ™‹

Case studies

First case
Our ⭐ client - startup from New York πŸ—½

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Second case
Open source 😍 - because we believe πŸ™


Free minimalistic cryptocurrencies portfolio app for Android.
You can check the code

Available for anyone on GitHub

Tutorial series how it was made

Published on and

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Meet the team

Our team members are our greatest asset. Each one of us brings special strengths πŸ’ͺ to the table. Our ability to deliver quality results πŸ’Ž for our clients starts with our team of experts πŸ€“
Jonas DimΕ‘a
Co-Founder, Software Developer

Andrius Baruckis
Co-Founder, Android Developer

Donatas Zinkevičius
Backend Developer

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